Online Only Bidding

Our Commercial and Residential Auctions will now be held exclusively online, until further notice

Before you can be approved to bid online you must Register to Bid with us if you have not already done so. In addition, once you have received your Allsop Approval to remote bid you will then need to register on our online bidding platform to create a new account.

Please note we will require registrations and cleared funds for the 'bidders security' at least 2 full working days prior to each Auction.

The Bidder Security required for each lot you wish to bid for will be as follows:-

At our Commercial Auctions : The sum of £10,000 per lot

At Our Residential Auctions : The sum, per lot, calculated on the amount of the Guide Price as follows:-

Guide Price ; Bidder security payable

£1 - £49,999 ; £2,000

£50,000 - £149,999 ; £5,000

£150,000 and above ; £10,000

Allsop is not obliged to accept late bids.

Please see legal packs for documentation relating to the property and our Auctioneer terms for solely online auctions, together with other terms and conditions relating to the sale.

Apply to Remote Bid Commercial Auction

Apply to Remote Bid Residential Auction

You will need to create a separate online bidding account.

Once you have received your Allsop Approval to bid you will then need to register on our online bidding platform to create a new account. We will send you details of how to do this in our confirmation email.

Once this additional account has been approved you will be able to bid when bidding opens on the day.

Please note that each auction sale has its own unique approval process. You will therefore need to be approved for each and every auction.

How to bid online

If you have the necessary approval to bid, simply login to the online platform by clicking on the "Bid Now" button found on the particulars page for the lot you wish to bid for.

A pink bidding box will appear automatically, asking you to log in with your online bidding platform details (not your normal Allsop log in). Click 'Log in and bid'.


Once logged in, the bidding pop up will update to state that the Auction has begun, allowing you to place your bid.

At this stage you have two options:

Set a Maximum Bid

Click the plus sign ‘+’ multiple times and set a maximum bid by clicking ‘Set Max Bid’. This will allow the system to bid on your behalf automatically up to the amout you have set.

Bid by pre set increments by clicking ‘+’ and ‘Place instant bid’.

Online Bidding FAQs

Can I use the same login as Allsop account to login into the online bidding platform?

No you will need to ensure you have registered on our online bidding platform and created an account. You will then be able to log in and bid on the day.

Do I need to be logged into the Allsop account to bid?

You do not need to be logged into our Allsop website but you must be logged into our Online bidding platform.

If I enter details I think are right but can’t login, who deals with this? You will be able to re-set a password or create a new account which will allow you to bid. Please try these options before contacting Allsop.

What will the bidding screen look like?

The bidding screen will appear on the right of the lot page, it is a pink pop up.

Can I bid on multiple lots?

You can bid on Multiple lots only if you have received approval from Allsop to do so

If I’m bidding on consecutive lots, will I have time?

You will have time, our online bidding platform will extend and the subsequent lot will not close until at least one minute after the preceeding lot closes.

I can’t see the ‘Go to next lot’ button?

You can minimise the Bidding pop up by clicking on the blue ‘Bid Now’ icon, this will allow you to see the Go to next lot button

How do I minimise/close the bidding screen?

You can minimise and close the Bidding pop up by clicking on the blue ‘Bid Now’ icon

I’ve logged in, where is the bidding screen?

Navigate to the lot(s) you wish to bid on and you will see the Pink Bidding pop up

How will I know I am the successful bidder and next steps?

The bidding pop up will tell you that you are the winning bidder and you will receive an email notification as well.

How will I know if I am not the successful bidder?

The bidding pop up will tell you that you are not the winning bidder and you will receive an email notification as well.

If the property doesn’t sell – can I make an offer and if so what do I do?

You can, please contact the Allsop Contact on the Particulars page

Before the Auction - FAQs

Do I need to register to bid before the auction?

Yes. If you are intending to bid on a property at any of our auctions you will need to be pre-approved to bid before the sale. All checks required by current anti money laundering legislation must be satisfactorily completed as part of this process before prior approval to bid will be given. Please follow the link on each lot particulars page in order to register.

Approval to bid can take some time to be granted. We aim to grant approval within two working days of receipt of the registration details. Please allow plenty of time before the sale date to register.

I want to bid on more than one lot - do I need separate forms? No, you can add multiple lots to your online registration/application to bid remotely.

Can I bid by phone? No, currently we will not be offering a phone bidding service and will only take bids online.

Can I bid by proxy? No, currently we will not be offering a proxy bidding service and will only take bids online.

What is online bidding? This is where registered bidders make bids via the online bidding process.

Payment of deposit monies and buyer’s fees by bank transfer Once your registration and the necessary anti money laundering checks have been satisfactorily completed (normally within two working days of receipt), we will ask you for the bidder's security to include the buyer's fee. See our Auctioneer's Terms for Solely Online Auctions for the amount required for each lot. You can pay these monies via bank transfer. We will give you details of our Client Account to enable funds to be transferred. If you are the successful bidder we will ask you to send the balance of the deposit monies required within 24 hours of the sale.

If I am unsuccessful, how long will it take to get my bidder security money back? Funds are returned to the account from which they were sent within 3-5 working days.

What is the difference between the bidder and the buyer? The bidder is the person actually making the bids for the property. The buyer is the party that will actually be named on the contract and will be obliged to complete the transaction. The bidder may be the agent for the buyer, or the bidder and the buyer may be the same. The bidder is liable for the property purchase should the buyer fail to complete.

What ID do I need to supply if I am not a UK resident? All non UK residents should supply the required ID but we will require certified copies of the ID documents.