Online Bidding Guide

How do I apply to bid?


1) Apply to bid

• Click ‘Apply to Bid’ on the online sales particulars

• Enter your bidder, buyer and solicitor details

• Upload the required ID documents

• Ensure you have read all the online terms and conditions

• Tick the terms and conditions and submit your application

2) Transfer Bidder Security

You will receive an email containing your Bidder Security Reference together with the Allsop LLP Client Account details. Your Security Reference is unique to your application.

Please transfer the relevant bidder security for each lot you wish to bid for.

Commercial - £10,000 per lot (inclusive of buyer’s fee)

Residential (based on guide price level)

Guide Price: £1 - £49,999 - Bidder Security payable = £2,000 per lot (inclusive of buyer's fee)

Guide Price: £50,000 - £149,999 - Bidder Security payable = £5,000 per lot (inclusive of buyer's fee)

Guide Price: £150,000 and above - Bidder Security payable = £10,000 per lot (inclusive of buyer's fee)

3) Sign up to Online Bidding Platform

Upon safe receipt of your Bidder Security we will send an email containing final joining instructions.

We strongly advise completing all of the above steps no later than one working day before the auction. Allsop accept no responsibility for failure to administer late applications, i.e. those received within one working day of the auction.

Online Bidding – The Auction Day

Go to the page for the lot you wish to bid on. A pink pop up window will appear. You can now log in using your online bidding platform account details (not your Allsop website login).

Please note this window will only appear on the day of the auction.


Once logged in the window shows the current bid and a countdown timer indicates how long is remaining on the bidding for that particular lot.

You may either set a maximum bid or place an instant bid.

Online Bidding FAQs

Before the auction

I want to bid on more than one lot – is that possible?

Yes, multiple lots may be added to an application.

How can I pay the bidder security?

We accept payment via bank transfer only.

I am bidding on multiple lots - how many Bidder Securities are payable?

We require a Bidder Security payment for each lot you wish to bid for.

What if I cannot transfer the bidder security in one payment?

Please send multiple bank transfers using the same security reference.

What ID do you require for non-UK residents?

We require certified copies of all ID documents.

How long does it take to receive the email with the final joining instructions?

You will receive this email up to three hours after we have received your bidder security.

Do I need to apply to bid before each auction?


During the auction

What time can I start bidding on the auction day?

The auction start time will be clearly displayed on our website.

Do you conduct the auction in lot order?

Yes. Please follow the bidding on the day to view progress.

If I enter my maximum bid can I enter single bids later?


I am bidding on consecutive lots - will I have time?

Yes. The bidding countdown timers automatically extend to ensure sufficient opportunity.

Will there be anyone to speak to on the day?

Yes, we are here to help. Please call:

Commercial Auctions : +44 (0)20 7543 6780

Residential Auctions : +44 (0)20 7494 3686

After the auction

How will I know I am the successful bidder?

The bidding pop up window will indicate you are the winning bidder. You will also receive an email notification.

If I am successful what happens next?

If you are successful we will contact you for the balance of deposit payment. This must be sent promptly after the auction and in any event no later than one working day after the auction in accordance with the online auctioneers terms and conditions.

If I am unsuccessful how long will it take to get my refund?

Funds are returned to the account from which they were received within five working days of the auction.

If the property is not sold how can I make an offer?

Please telephone the relevant Allsop Contact on the lot page