Conditions of Sale and Notices

Important documents for prospective buyers

The information contained in the documents below is intended to assist prospective buyers. Legal matters in the UK can be complex and the Special Conditions of Sale, Notices, Auctioneer’s Pre-Sale Announcements, Common Auction Conditions, General Conditions and any Addendum, should be read and considered carefully. We strongly recommend that you instruct a solicitor to advise you.

Common Auction Conditions

Auctioneer's Notices - Part One - Guidance to Prospective Buyers

Auctioneer's Notices - Part Two - Auction Conduct Conditions

Auctioneer's Pre-Sale Announcements

Sale Memorandum

Deposit Terms and Procedures

Allsop Articles of Roup and Minute of Enactment for Scottish lots only

ID Requirements

Remote Bidding Terms and Conditions